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A space to discuss the ways in which we market and communicate about higher education and the collegiate experience. If the comments from faculty on Reddit. Every day its 47, members swap tips and tricks for teaching, reach out for advice about sticky student issues, commiserate and celebrate promotions or lack thereof , complain about administrators, and support each other in an amazingly pun intended collegial way. Because people who use Reddit are more or less anonymous, they tend to speak their minds in a way that is tough to find anywhere else in the profession. Scrolling through the subreddit, you can get a good feel for the attitudes and opinions of faculty members across the globe. Besides many administrations waffling about shutting down or not — a decision eventually made for most of them by their governments — schools also had to make the transition to online learning in less time than they usually take to set up a faculty meeting.

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Because users are anonymous, their posts tend to be far more candid that what students share on their class list serves and social media. The Law School subreddit, as topical sections of the site are called, has long been an active forum for law students and graduates. It counts more than 98, users since debuting in But it has emerged as a key resource for users during the COVID outbreak, connecting students from different campuses and providing an avenue to swap tips for online classes, share their fears or just vent over the current situation.

Not surprisingly, much of the current discussion on the site has centered on grading policies—which has emerged as a hot-button issue.

The online forum Reddit has emerged as a place for law students to share info about their school’s grading policies express their worries and.

The first post in this mini-series dealt with my experiences with loneliness as a first year graduate student and how I eventually overcame it. It was a difficult year, and I wish I knew then all the things I know now — I would have been a much happier, more social student! In any case, I made it through my first year as an OT student, and now I have several good friends both in and outside my program who have become part of my new friend groups. Starting and living!

However, grad school can be a great time to find new friends, foster old friendships, and expand your social circles if you are willing to put in the time that it takes. So get out there, and good luck making great new friends! What was your experience with social life in OT school? Do you have any advice for people who may be struggling with loneliness or isolation? Share in the comments! These links offer useful advice about how to cope with feelings of loneliness or social isolation in grad school.

Your posts about applying to OT school were one of my top resources when I was applying and reapplying!! I agree that the environment is, in some respects, quite different from undergrad and I also struggled in the first few months to develop connections with my peers. I hope your OT journey is going well!

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On Reddit, students can self-identify, noting their status as a high school senior or college junior, for example. Subreddit moderators can also.

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The following information was sent to parents and guests of the Yale College Class of in July, The website will be updated as new information becomes available. The arrangements are basic but provide an opportunity to stay in a central location at a reasonable price. Families and students will be notified by email and the Commencement website will be updated.

Many families plan their time around the Yale College ceremonies and events described below and spend from Saturday to Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning in New Haven.

Some Graduate Programs Consider Full Course loads in Admissions. Many professional/graduate programs want to see that you can handle a full course load.

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With the coronavirus pandemic bringing much of the country to a standstill, many colleges and universities have decided to cancel or postpone their graduation ceremonies indefinitely. And with a discouraging job market, it can be hard for seniors to stay afloat. TODAY spoke with education and career experts to get tips on how to stay focused, keep your skills sharp and make the most of your time at home.

A harsh byproduct of the pandemic is that students who received job offers months before graduation are now seeing them rescinded, delayed or frozen. If you find yourself in this boat, try the following:.

Alexis Kerry Ohanian (born April 24, ), is an Armenian-American Internet entrepreneur and Alexis went to Howard High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, where he gave the student address for his graduating class in Ohanian continued to work closely with Reddit as a member of its board of directors.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Some are considering a gap year, a later transfer date, or a college closer to home. Most high school seniors have resigned themselves to the fact that their senior spring — once full of milestone events like grad night, prom, and graduation — will be spent indoors.

For those planning to head off to college in the fall, the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and what lies beyond summer is a cause for concern. Hundreds, if not thousands, of college campuses have closed, truncating not just the academic year but also the opportunity for prospective students to tour campus, attend admitted student events, and get an in-person feel for the school. Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia have now mandated or recommended the closure of public and private schools.

Campus visits are an essential aspect of the decision-making process for many students, including those with the financial means to tour or scholarship recipients who have been flown out by the colleges themselves. About two-thirds of nearly 5, high school seniors surveyed by the education marketing firm Carnegie Dartlet found the May deadline to be unreasonable.

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Emerson Boggs, 25, a Ph. Boggs is now one of a team of 60 volunteer content moderators , including researchers of infectious diseases, virologists, computer scientists, doctors and nurses, spending hours policing the more than 50, daily comments posted by the community for misinformation, trolls and off-topic political discussions. Their expertise and unpaid labor have helped create one of the most authoritative, up-to-date and civil forums for information and discussion about the pandemic.

The coronavirus community is now the third-most active subreddit, according to Redditlist , a website that tracks Reddit, and one of the fastest growing subreddits ever. Every day, Boggs and the other moderators work through a queue of thousands of comments and posts that have been flagged for review. They coordinate via the messaging platform Discord to ensure they aren’t duplicating work or to settle any disagreements.

If the comments from faculty on are any indication, As anyone who works in or around higher ed knows, schools weren’t exactly Students are going to want to know how the crisis impacts their graduation date.

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