Bunny Matchmaking

As much as we love our bunnies, we cannot be with them 24 hours a day. Nor are we well qualified to lick their ears in just the right way, or to play a good game of shred the newspaper. Rabbits are extremely social animals. The European wild rabbits from which our domestic rabbits are derived live in groups, and our long-eared friends still retain this need for same-species companionship. Rabbits tend to be happier, more active, and as a consequence, healthier when they have a bonded companion. Bonded rabbits are also just as affectionate with their humans as single rabbits; just as adding another pet to your family would not diminish your love for the first animal, bunnies have plenty of room in their hearts for many loved ones. What sort of bunny companion would be perfect for your existing rabbit? We at Zooh Corner have worked with many bunny matches and have found that opposite sex pairs of neutered rabbits generally work best. Similarity in age can also help the bonding process. The bonding process may require more time and patience on your part, but other combinations of rabbits can become bonded friends.

The Loud Rabbits

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a match . First Step: The very best way to find a friend for your rabbit is to let your rabbit choose. Many rabbit people come.

The following information is requested so that we can assist you in the selection of a house. Rabbits are highly social—. Therefore rabbits are housed inside only and require 5 to. The rabbit should be treated as an integral part of the family, i. The biggest advantage to getting a second rabbit is emotional support for your first rabbit. Rabbits that travel, board, or visit the vet.

If your rabbit is not yet spayed or neutered, this must happen next. Tell us what. If all goes well during this transition, number one bunny can go back to her routine, sharing.

Rabbit God

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This incident and five years of matchmaking have told us that the rabbit who meets other rabbits often has varied responses. This is more apparent the more one.

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Rabbit Haven Bunny Adoption Event at Pet People

For the first “date” the adopters bring their rabbits to one of our foster homes. We gather as many of our fosterers and foster rabbits together for these events as we can. Because this usually involves an hours drive for the fosterers not in the immediate vicinity, we need adopters to be patient while we juggle multiple schedules to find the date most convenient for everyone. The rabbit is then introduced to a series of prospective partners, one at a time, in neutral territory.

Fosterers stand-by to supervise and separate rabbits when need be. It’s interesting to see the very different reactions a particular rabbit may display to each potential match.

Cats, such as Persians, also have smushed visages that are the result of our matchmaking. More surprisingly, so do some rabbits.

Before attempting any introduction, the rabbits should be spayed or neutered. You should wait at least a month after spay or neuter before attempting a bonding session, as it gives them time to heal and for their hormones to settle. Rabbits are highly social creatures and there is nothing sweeter than seeing a cuddling pair of rabbits grooming each other. They are clearly relaxed and happy and benefit from living in pairs or groups.

However, despite their love of companionship, you can’t just put two together and expect them to get along. Size, age and breed are not important factors in choosing a mate, as all combinations can work. You are more likely to have a successful bond if both are adults. Choosing a mate with your rabbit. You want to have help to determine if they get along, and then have assistance to guide you through the bonding process.

If you already have a pair living separately, you can also try to bond the trio. Rabbits rarely fall in love at first sight, but indifference is a good first sign of a potential pairing. Some rabbits will groom, other rabbits will present their heads to be groomed.

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5) Why are you interested in adopting a rabbit or rabbits? How long Because it is the nature of rabbits to like or dislike passionately, rabbit matchmaking is.

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Bonding rabbits together

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Dec 6, – Coaxing endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits into “breeding suggests the secret to rabbit chemistry lies in the right matchmaking service.

Rabbits that have loving mates are happier, healthier, and just plain adorable. Watching two buns snuggling, kissing, and obviously so completely in love with each other really warms the heart. Matching them also lessens their chances of loneliness. But don’t worry – they’ll still need love and attention from you. Before you run out and buy a buddy for your bun, please read this article first. You can’t just throw any two rabbits together and expect them to get along.

Doing so can result in severe injuries or worse.